Professional Traveler

I have decided my new occupation should be professional traveler.  Since my last post I spent 8 days in the beautiful Florida Keys, a long weekend in Nashville, TN with some of our dear friends and a few days at a friend's beach house in Crescent Beach.  We have been moved in our house for almost a month, and just yesterday three of our neighbors asked if we were officially moved in.  We have been gone more than we have been home, and while I love to travel it feels good to be home.

We had the most perfect weather while we were in the keys, and mini season lobstering was more successful that it has been in a while.  We have been lobstering since I can remember, and it is something our family looks forward to every year.  We were especially grateful to be down with the whole family, because we were not able to make it last year since my mom was just getting out of the hospital.  While we were in the Keys I celebrated my 24th birthday, and my parents celebrated 30 years of marriage!!
{The rainbow crew & our catch on day 1}
{Siblings all together on my birthday}
{Its always hard to leave on a perfect day}
We made our way to Nashville two days after we returned from the Keys to meet up with some of our best friends.  The four guys grew up together, and have not all been together in over two years.  This was my first trip to Nashville and I loved it!!  We cannot wait to plan our next trip back.
{In Nashville at the legendary Bluebird Cafe}
As for the house things are coming along and we are checking things off our list.  All of our bathrooms and kitchen appliances are working, so now it is just a bunch of little stuff.  We started working in the yard on Saturday, and things are starting to shape up.  I snapped a few pictures before we left for the Keys in July, but I cannot find them anywhere on my computer, so I will have an update in the next day or two. :)

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