Kitchen Update

Today our kitchen backsplash was finished, and I love it so much, that I had to share it today! It is finally looking finished, but we still have a few things left to install like the crown moulding, knobs, range hood and a light above the sink.  Just for good measures, here is a before...


{bare bones}

{much better}
{white beveled subway tiles to the ceiling}
{close-up of the white beveled subway tiles with warm grey grout} 
{apron front sink & bridge faucet...my favorite}

{sink with a natural bamboo shade in the window} 
{knobs & pulls to be installed}
{in case you were wondering where my fridge & microwave were}
{my favorite kitchen appliance went in first}
I will do a full reveal and include all of the products we used once things are completely done.  If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment.  Have a happy & safe Labor Day weekend!


The Infamous Chandelier

Every single surface in our home has been touched, whether it has been painted, retiled, refinished, or completely gutted.  Well almost every single surface...our original chandelier is still hanging.  It is HIDEOUS.  The first time we looked at the house I said, "If we buy this house, that chandelier is the first thing I am ripping out."  I am eating my words now, since things are finally finishing up and that awful fixture is still hanging.
{crooked and missing a light bulb}
I have been searching high and low for a new chandelier, but I have not found one that I just love.  Well, I take that back.  I have, but they are all way to expensive for my shoestring budget.  Here are my requirements...
1.  Puts off lots of light, since it is the only chandelier in the large dining/living room.
2.  Large enough to fill the high ceiling, but cannot be too tall since it will be hanging from the beam.
3.  Will look good with a farm table.
4.  Unique, yet compliments the space.

Here are a few chandeliers I am considering.

{My original pick, but MK doesn't like the "flowers" that the lights sit in via Ballard Designs}
{A little more glam/modern via Ballard Designs}
{Simple & Casual via Ballard Designs.  I would add shades.}
{Rustic yet Refined via Pottery Barn}


House Update: Master Bathroom & a puppy

When we began our renovation the Master bathroom was one of the first major changes we decided to make.  Its not completely done, but it has come a long way in the last few weeks.  I decided to do more of a spa feel in the master and I am loving the way it is coming together with lots of natural colors and textures.
{Mirrors & Faucets are in}
{Love these faucets & my find for countertops}
{would love some grasscloth on the walls, but I don't think its in the budget}
{Our herringbone tile and smooth pebble shower floors}
{The A-M-A-Z-I-N-G rainshower...everyone needs one of these}

And finally I want to introduce our new baby...a little goldie pup.  I can hardly believe she is ours! We don't have a name yet, but she is only 6 weeks old and we hope to have one when we pick her up on September 8th. Any suggestions? 
{Don't you want to just snuggle that little face?}


Professional Traveler

I have decided my new occupation should be professional traveler.  Since my last post I spent 8 days in the beautiful Florida Keys, a long weekend in Nashville, TN with some of our dear friends and a few days at a friend's beach house in Crescent Beach.  We have been moved in our house for almost a month, and just yesterday three of our neighbors asked if we were officially moved in.  We have been gone more than we have been home, and while I love to travel it feels good to be home.

We had the most perfect weather while we were in the keys, and mini season lobstering was more successful that it has been in a while.  We have been lobstering since I can remember, and it is something our family looks forward to every year.  We were especially grateful to be down with the whole family, because we were not able to make it last year since my mom was just getting out of the hospital.  While we were in the Keys I celebrated my 24th birthday, and my parents celebrated 30 years of marriage!!
{The rainbow crew & our catch on day 1}
{Siblings all together on my birthday}
{Its always hard to leave on a perfect day}
We made our way to Nashville two days after we returned from the Keys to meet up with some of our best friends.  The four guys grew up together, and have not all been together in over two years.  This was my first trip to Nashville and I loved it!!  We cannot wait to plan our next trip back.
{In Nashville at the legendary Bluebird Cafe}
As for the house things are coming along and we are checking things off our list.  All of our bathrooms and kitchen appliances are working, so now it is just a bunch of little stuff.  We started working in the yard on Saturday, and things are starting to shape up.  I snapped a few pictures before we left for the Keys in July, but I cannot find them anywhere on my computer, so I will have an update in the next day or two. :)