Hutch Makeover

I promised on Monday that I would start sharing more furniture makeovers, and I figured I would share the beautiful hutch that holds all of our paint in the booth first. 

Michael brought it home as a surprise a little over a month ago, and I knew that it had great potential. I had to look past the metallic silver (yuck) that the previous owner used in an attempt to refinish the piece.  I asked Michael "Who in their right mind would paint this hutch silver???"  He quickly responded, "If you saw the place I went to pick this up, you would understand that they didn't need a reason to paint it silver." HA. 
{top piece of the hutch before}
{bottom piece of hutch before}
 Last Thursday our CeCe Caldwell's paint arrived, and I began painting at 5:30pm.  By 4pm the next day the hutch had been painted, distressed, waxed and put into the booth as our paint display.  Now do you see why I love this paint?  If I would have sanded, primed and painted this piece with normal latex paint it would have taken me at least 3-4 days and a lot more elbow grease.  Instead it took less than 24 hours, and I have that beautiful finish that chalk and clay based paints give.  I painted the hutch in CeCe Caldwell's Antique White (the perfect creamy white) and used her clear wax to finish the piece.  

{the finished hutch...still missing a few knobs though}
So, what do you think?  Are there any pieces in your home that could use a quick facelift?  If, so stop by our booth at the Antique Market of San Jose and pick up some paint. 


We Sell Paint!

Happy Monday Everyone!

It has been quite a while since I have blogged, but things have been busy.  If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably been keeping up with what is going on, but for those who don't I thought I would share what has been happing.

Our exciting news is that we now sell CeCe Caldwell's Paint at the J. Kelly booth.  You all know how much I LOVE to transform furniture with paint, so it just seems fitting.

{just a few of the amazing colors via}
This paint is so fantastic, and there are so many reasons why I love it.  Instead of writing a short story here are some of my favorite things about it...

  • It is chalk & clay based, which means that it has surperior adhesion and is self priming. If you are anything like me and hate sanding and priming, then this paint is for you.  
  • It is "naturally green."  The paint AND waxes have no VOC's and no chemicals.  I am very sensitive to smells, and usually furniture wax gives me a headache.  I have not had any headaches since using this product.  CeCe Paints and waxes have no chemicals, so you can actually do all of your painting and waxing indoors!  A rainy day won't stop you from that paint project that needs to get done.  
  • You have the option to "wet distress." For those that have never used a chalk/clay based paint before, distressing with sandpaper is a cinch.  If you want to avoid all of the dust that sandpaper produces (especially if you are refinishing indoors) then wet distressing is the way to go.  CeCe Paint allows you to take a wet rag while the paint is drying and lightly rub off the paint in areas that you want distresses.    
  • There are TONS of colors.  35 amazing color options to be exact.
  • Made in the USA.  This product is manufactured and produced in the good ol' USA.  
  • Easy Clean-up.  Warm water and a little soap is all you need to get this paint out of your brushes, and if you are a messy painter like me, off your hands, hair, face, and arms.  
{our display}
{chalkboard display}
{using clothespins to display the colors}
Side Note: I mentioned above that the paint has no VOC's or chemicals, and this was a huge bonus for me.  With my mom's history with non-smoker's lung cancer she has not been able to do any painting projects with any of the other paint products I have used in the past.  CeCe Caldwell's Paint was designed so that people with respitory issues can use it.  How exciting is that?  I am thrilled to find a paint that my mom can use :) 

I am looking forward to revealing some before and after projects done with CeCe Paints.  Get ready for some amazing transformations.  If you are interested in purchasing the paint go visit our booth at the Antique Market of San Jose located at 1507 San Jose Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32207

We will also be offering paint classes beginning early June.  If you are interested leave a comment below, and I will get in touch with you once we have more information available.