Fighting the Flu

Sorry I have been M.I.A.  We have been working so hard at the house, and in the midst of it all I caught a little bug.  I was in bed all day on Saturday, and I'm still trying to get over some congestion.  Since everyone seems to be getting sick I wanted to share a little remedy that I was introduced to a few days ago by my mom's homeopathic doctor.

The first product is made by Sovereign Silver, and it is a nasal spray.  This could be used on a daily basis, but at the onset of a cold or flu spray this once in each nostril every hour until your sickness is gone.  I end up with a sinus infection every time I am sick am VERY prone to sinus infections, and this has kept everything moving, and killed all of the infection that settles in your nose.  It has no smell, so its just like putting a little water up your nose.
Sovereign Silver Silver Hydrosol Nasal Spray, 2.0 Fluid Ounces , Spray
Sovereign Silver Immune Support

The second product can be found at CVS, and is a homeopathic remedy for flu relief.   You allow the little "sugar drops" to dissolve in your mouth every 6-8 hours, and if you begin this at the onset of a cold or flu you should only need about 3 doses.  I began this once it had already hit me, but I did notice that my aches and sore throat subsided enough for me to rest while I was taking this.

You can also purchase the name brand version if you cannot get to CVS.

Hope these help you fight off the sicknesses that are going around.

**This is all my personal opinion.


The Chaos of Our First Home

We are officially living in our house!!! It is a little bit of a disaster as we are cleaning, unpacking, and finishing up several things.  We still don’t have a functioning kitchen sink or stove, so we are pretty much eating out every meal, and the meals we eat at home are leftovers from the night before.  I told Michael I needed to document more of the chaos, because it seems very fitting for first time homeowners.  So, while many things are going wonderfully, and the house is turning out beautiful there have been several mishaps that I now laugh at, (but weren’t funny at the time). 

Our Master bathroom has been one of the biggest transformations.  It has more than doubled in size, and everything from top to bottom has been rebuilt.  We began tiling last week & in the master I chose white herringbone.  This is what I came home to…

{way to geometric}

Not what I was expecting at all.  I’ve never seen herringbone done this way, and it was WAY too geometric for the style of the bathroom.  We had a 30 minute conversation about all the ways you can do herringbone(which were all new to me) and I explain that we want the arrows pointing up.  Here is what we cam home to the next day…
{the tile is actually white, but looks creamy here}
We framed out each wall with 1x3’s and I love that effect, but the arrows are pointing sideways.  At first I was frustrated and just about screamed but, all I could do was laugh.  It is not exactly what I pictured, but it has grown on me, and is definitely more classic than the first look. 

Our second mishap this week happened just after our B-E-A-U-TIFUL bianco carrera countertops were installed.  I am happily putting away all of my dishes, silverware, glasses, etc. in my kitchen.  It feels like Christmas morning since I have not seen any of it in 5 months when it was all packed away into storage.  I am just finishing up, and I open my cabinet to put away my baking sheets/cutting boards and this is what I find….
{stain stuck in the cabinet}

An almost FULL can of stain.  It was placed down in the cabinet before the countertop was installed.  It is obviously too large to fit through the door, so we are going to attempt siphoning the stain, and cutting the can into smaller pieces.  And again, all I can do is laugh.

Those are just two of the MANY things that have not gone so perfect.  When I do a detailed description of everything I'm sure I will share the rest.  On a better note here is my beautiful farm sink and a sneak peek of the amazing countertops.

{Isn't she a beauty?}
Happy Friday yall!


House Progress: Curtains & Lamps

It has been an eventful week at the house.  Bathroom tile has been going up & we actually have all of our furniture moved in.  Most of it is being stored in the "round room" but we are looking forward to arranging it this week and MOVING IN!!! Michael always gives me a hard time about my love for lamps and curtains.  When we first got married I brought home a new pair of lamps almost every week, and we used our registry money for potterbarn curtains.  I think it is only fitting that the first pieces to be unpacked and installed are lamps and curtains. :)

{Curtains are up...don't mind the hideous chandelier}
{Just a small part of my lamp collection}
{Subway tile in the guest bath...just a tiny bit of pink left}