Family Flip: Kitchen Demo

Things are coming right along over at the family flip house.  I was out of town late last week and over the weekend, but Michael kept me updated on the progress.  The kitchen is getting a huge makeover.  It was a very small galley kitchen before.  It will remain a galley kitchen, but we are adding about 6 feet in length and taking down some walls.  These are not drawn to scale, but this is an idea of downstairs layout before & after.  You can see how the kitchen is changing & opening up to the new living room.


The laundry room is being moved and the wall where the laundry was will become part of the kitchen. 

In order to remove one of the walls and move the laundry we (and by we I mean someone else) had to trench out the slab for the plumbing.  Here is what it looks like now with all of the walls opened up. 

Plumbing & new concrete are next on the list. :)


Family Flip: Before

The demo is wrapping up at the flip house, but I wanted to share some before pictures before I forget.  You will notice that it looks like it is already under construction, but this was actually how we bought it.   I hope you don't think we are too crazy.  I promise it is going to be beautiful once its all fixed up.

As soon as you walk through the front door you have stairs! These stairs need LOTS of love.
To the right is the former living room that we will be making into a dining room.

This room is between the dining room and the kitchen.  It was the original dining room, but it is way too small.  We are planning to replace the windows with french doors and it will be a sitting room off the kitchen.

The view from the sitting room into the kitchen.

A very small and very dark kitchen.  This space will be getting lots of love and several walls removed.

The laundry room will be moved and this space will become part of the kitchen.

The old carport/garage has been permitted as indoor space so we will make this space a comfy cozy living room.  Its getting a complete facelift...new floors, walls, ceilings and even some stained beams (my favorite).  

This room off of the garage (soon to be new living room) is going to be a half bath and laundry room.

Now for the upstairs...

There is a large landing that leads to the 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.  All bedrooms will be getting new carpet, fans, paint, and trim.

The master bedroom has a bathroom attached, but the previous owners opened up the bathroom to the hallway.  We will be closing it off to make it a master ensuite and giving the bathroom a complete redo.    

Bedroom 1 has a massive closet, but it made the room very small.  And when I say a massive closet, you could put a twin bed in it.  We will be reverting the closet to a normal size, so that the room is larger.

Bedroom 2:

Bedroom 3:

The second bathroom upstairs has a hall entry as well as an entry through bedroom 2.  Pretty much everything in this bathroom will be replaced with the exception of the tub.  It is in excellent condition, so we will just have it cleaned.

So, what do you think?  Its pretty ugly, but it sure has a lot of potential!