Family Flip: Kitchen Demo

Things are coming right along over at the family flip house.  I was out of town late last week and over the weekend, but Michael kept me updated on the progress.  The kitchen is getting a huge makeover.  It was a very small galley kitchen before.  It will remain a galley kitchen, but we are adding about 6 feet in length and taking down some walls.  These are not drawn to scale, but this is an idea of downstairs layout before & after.  You can see how the kitchen is changing & opening up to the new living room.


The laundry room is being moved and the wall where the laundry was will become part of the kitchen. 

In order to remove one of the walls and move the laundry we (and by we I mean someone else) had to trench out the slab for the plumbing.  Here is what it looks like now with all of the walls opened up. 

Plumbing & new concrete are next on the list. :)

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