The Infamous Chandelier

Every single surface in our home has been touched, whether it has been painted, retiled, refinished, or completely gutted.  Well almost every single surface...our original chandelier is still hanging.  It is HIDEOUS.  The first time we looked at the house I said, "If we buy this house, that chandelier is the first thing I am ripping out."  I am eating my words now, since things are finally finishing up and that awful fixture is still hanging.
{crooked and missing a light bulb}
I have been searching high and low for a new chandelier, but I have not found one that I just love.  Well, I take that back.  I have, but they are all way to expensive for my shoestring budget.  Here are my requirements...
1.  Puts off lots of light, since it is the only chandelier in the large dining/living room.
2.  Large enough to fill the high ceiling, but cannot be too tall since it will be hanging from the beam.
3.  Will look good with a farm table.
4.  Unique, yet compliments the space.

Here are a few chandeliers I am considering.

{My original pick, but MK doesn't like the "flowers" that the lights sit in via Ballard Designs}
{A little more glam/modern via Ballard Designs}
{Simple & Casual via Ballard Designs.  I would add shades.}
{Rustic yet Refined via Pottery Barn}

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  1. The PB one is kind of neat although I love the Evelyn from Ballard. If you choose the Lourdes you could definitely get away with no shades - might even be too much with 12 candles