Thank Goodness for the Flashlight App

I have a love/hate relationship with my beautiful hardwood floors, and last night at 10:00 I was hating them more than I was loving them.  As we moved through the house putting on the second coat of polyurethane the flashlight app on the iPhone became my new favorite app.  We did not want to leave all of the lights on in the house, so once we got towards the end it was the only way to tell whether or not we were putting on a nice even coat.
At 1:30 today after our THIRD AND FINAL coat of poly I am in love with my floors again....
{Aren't they pretty? Not too light, not too dark...just perfect}
{Just a peek at my pretty farm sink...minus a cabinet door}

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  1. Your taste is impeccable! Love the cabinets-love the floors- this house is adorable!!!