House Renovation Update....Kitchen

Everything is moving right along and we are finally seeing an end in sight, but we had a huge unfair little hiccup yesterday.  We had removed everything from the house to refinish the floors and placed it in a trailer out front of our house.  It was full of stuff for the house (including my brand new GAS RANGE that I splurged on) and a bunch of tools.  I am telling you all of this, so that if you live in the Jacksonville area you can be on the lookout for the trailer.  It is a pewter trailer that has a black Harley Davidson symbol on the front & says "Caution: Iron Horses" on the back.  If you by chance see it please call the police.

Now on to the kitchen...

The kitchen is one of the largest transformations in our home, and after lots of hard work it is finally coming together.  Originally it was VERY small and only two or three people could be standing inside the kitchen.  As an event planner I think of everything in terms of "when we have people over."  I did not want to be stuck in the kitchen cooking by myself, so we opened up the wall for an open floor plan.
{The wall before}
{Our demo "X"}
{The old kitchen}
{Wall is gone...next was the electrical panel}
{Beam got put in & can lights were added}
{The ceiling goes in}
{The cabinets are in!!!! They look a little bit yellow here, but the sink cabinet is the true color}
{Left Side of the kitchen}
We still are not completely there yet, but it is getting very close!  End panels & crown moulding still need to go up, but I love, love, love my new shaker style cabinets.


  1. I am sick about the trailer. I hope you find it. Bit everything is looking great! The kitchen is beautiful!

  2. Here's what I am thinking...imagine the surprise the thieves got when they discovered the gas range...where does one hock that? And though they might have been seeking a trailer...they are now being investigated...so no peace in their hearts...chances are something will go wrong for them VERY soon...like a flat tire in the rain or worse...and God is looking out for you so maybe it was not the perfect gas range for your new house...perhaps it was a "bad" one that would have quit working or caused smoke or something...gotta think God is working this out...and somehow, some way this is going to be better in a huge way...we just don't know what it is. Wonder if the trailer floats??? Or if it jackknifes on them in the stormy weather...; - > - Diane

  3. I just caught up on all of your recent posts and I LOVE how this charming home is turning out. Designer is your middle name. So proud of you, little! xoxo

    p.s. praying for your trailer to return to you asap!

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