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I mentioned in this post that we were getting a booth at the Antique Market of San Jose.  I am pretty sure everyone thought my "Exciting News" was that I was having a baby.  The funny thing is that when I titled the post the assumption everyone had never even crossed my mind.  So no baby yet, but I am super excited about this new venture.  I wanted to share some pictures of the booth.  Of course it is still in the works, and will take a little time to fill it completely, but its coming along.  

The space had these awful stripes and they were a high gloss finish with a gold undertone.  Definitely needed an update.
3 coats of paint later the stripes were finally covered up!  I went with BM Swiss Coffee for the walls and BM Sandy Hook Gray for the floors.  I absolutely love the way the colors came out.

{after paint}
 I used a natural fiber rug from World Market to define the space for the table and add some warmth.  I am planning to do a full post on the table and chairs this Friday.  I am SO happy with the way they turned out.  The lantern is one that we originally planned to use in our house, but it works perfectly in the space.  It needed to be rewired, so Michael and his dad worked their magic and now we have light.

So far it has been really fun, and it is a constant design project.  As things sell I am able to restyle the space, which is both good and bad because I could be up there every day changing things around.  :) If you are in the area I'd love for you to stop in and see our work.  

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