We completed demo on Saturday!  That must be a record...three days to demo 2 bathrooms and a kitchen, which might I add are made with plaster walls and over an inch thick.  Our home was built in 1936 and they knew how to build a home.  The walls are thick, the structure is sturdy & the attention to detail is amazing!  So here is to gutting all of the ugly finishes, so that the beautiful details can be more appreciated.
{Making room for a larger master bath}
{Master Bath...All the green tile is gone}
{No more pink in the guest bath}
{Before: Wall between the dining room & the kitchen}
{Alli Rae taking the wall down}
{After: Yes, I chose to take down the wall with the electrical...making it a tad bit more difficult}
{After: Bare bones in the kitchen}

Now that demo is done we the guys have moved on to plumbing and electrical, all the stuff that is important, as I am picking out all of the pretty finishes, which I think is most important. ;)

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