Dining Room Table Makeover

Recently I refinished an antique table that I acquired from my parents.  It had some heat spots on the top, had too much of a red undertone for my taste, so I decided to paint it.  My husband says I paint everything... which is partially true.  A good coat of paint can transform just about anything.  So here goes my first painting tutorial...

{Foam Rollers}
{Purdy 2" Brush}
{Primer from Sherwin Williams}
{Sherwin Williams Interior Oil Based Semi Gloss in Meaningful Gray}

{Before: Sorry I don't have a picture of the entire table.  This gives you an idea of the color}
Step 1: Sand the entire surface.  We lightly sanded the top with a power sander & I hand sanded the sides.  I used 220 sand paper, which is fine and will remove the shiny finish on the table. 
Step 2: Wipe the entire table with mineral spirits, to make sure all of the dust is off.
Step 3: Prime the entire table.  I did two coats but could have gotten away with one.  I used XIM Primer from Sherwin Williams that runs about $60 a gallon.  You can also get it in smaller amounts, but like I said earlier I love to paint furniture so I went with more.  It also works for oil & latex paints.
{After Priming}

Step 4: Time to paint!  I was extremely nervous about the painting step, because I wanted the table to have a smooth finish.  After a lot of research I chose to use an oil based paint because it would wear better and appear more smooth than latex.  We painted the sides & base using the Purdy brush & rolled the top with mini foam rollers.  After letting the first coat dry apply your second coat if needed.  Make sure to follow the drying time on your paint.  After two coats it was ready to be moved into its new home! 

{Painting the Base}
{The Top After Paint}
{A Smooth Finish}
{The Finished Product}
{Finished Table}
The paint has transformed this table & it is so adorable!  I chose to leave the chairs dark so that it maintained some dimension & the cushions I recovered about a year ago in a damask linen fabric from Hobby Lobby on the clearance rack.  

Sherwin Williams is having running a sale until April 23rd of 40% off all paints and stains & 30% off all supplies.  What a Steal! 

Happy Painting!


  1. You are brave! I have never used oil based paint, but I know it is the best!! Super cute! Great job, girl :)

    1. Brooke, Surprisingly the oil based wasn't as scary as I have heard. It smoothed out so easily. Try something small first to experiment :)

  2. Love the mix of dark wood and white! Great job!

    FYI, I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Hope it helps add to your readership.


  3. Love this! I have some furniture that could use a good painting and now I know how! Thanks JuliAnne!

    And I LOVE your blog! Too cute!

    1. Thanks Jenny! Send me some pictures if you decide to paint anything.