Bathtub Herb Garden

Growing up my aunt always had the most adorable hungarian bathtub that she would use to grow herbs or fill with drinks at a party.  When I found several of them a few months back I snatched them up and knew I had to keep one for myself.  I was hoping to use it for drinks at a party, but since we don't have any parties planned and our summer is pretty busy I decided to go ahead and use it as my herb garden.  I mentioned before that I have a black thumb, but I am happy to say that I have kept my herbs alive. :)

I began by filling my tub halfway with soil, and then placing my herbs where I wanted them.  I planted the taller herbs towards the middle (rosemary, basil, dill, mint) and my herbs that would spill over along the edges (parsley, oregano, thyme).

A few weeks later it looks great and the herbs are happy as can be.  My mint has gone crazy....time to make some mojitos.

I have one hungarian bathtub left and it is priced at $275.  Email me at julianne@juliannekelly.com if you are interested.  

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