Crackle Your Paint

Last week my mom, my mother in law and I traveled up to Augusta, GA for CeCe Caldwell's new retailer training.  We had so much fun meeting several new retailers and learning from CeCe herself!  While we were there we learned so many great painiting techniques and continued to fall in love with these amazing products.   Since the paints and finishes are all natural with NO VOC's we could do everything indoors...such a great perk to using these paints.  
Learning from CeCe
I spent mothers day in Augusta with two beautiful and special ladies
My favorite technique that we learned was how to cracke using Elmer's Glue.  Who knew??  I am not encouraging the crackle that was popular about 10 years ago.  In my opinion the crackle is best used in corners, or highly worn areas of furniture to give an aged look.  You can also vary the way the crackle looks by how much glue you apply.  Lots of glue = large crackle; thin glue = fine crackle.

A fellow retailer shared this great tutorial on how to use glue to crackle, and I love the way her chair turned out.    

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