Open House and Some Pictures

Like I mentioned last post, we get ALOT done when we decide to have a party or host a holiday meal. So naturally we have decided to have an open house this Saturday.  I always think that houses look best at Christmas, so I am excited to share our home and all of the work we have done with everyone during the holiday season.  If you live in Jacksonville and would like to swing by on Saturday between 4pm & 7pm send an email to juliannecarrierkelly@gmail.com and I will send you my address.  (I am a little weary of putting my address on here.)  Between my etsy shop and trying to finish things up around the house things have been extremely busy, which leaves little time for posting on the blog, but here is my life via my iPhone & instagram.  
{Christmas Decorations}
{My newest employee}
{Etched glass dessert plates are now on etsy}
{our adorable neighbor and Bailey are best buds...they were "helping" Michael}
{the beginnings of our barn doors...ekkk}
Alright, back to organizing, painting, building, and etching.  Hope to see you on Saturday! 


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