Exciting News...

If you follow me on Instagram you might be wondering what exciting thing happened yesterday?

WE ARE BUILDING A HOUSE!!! Which means we are selling our house...insert mixed emotions here.  This has been in the works for quite awhile and after lots of prayer for direction and guidance, it is officially happening.  If you have followed along since the beginning you remember how much time and effort we have put in (and are still putting in) to make our house a home. We took our house from this...

to this...

There have been complete transformations in every single room.  I have gotten behind in blogging about all of the little projects and big projects we have done, so it is my goal to give you a complete house tour before we move out.  (You better hold me to that.) With that being said, do you know of any photographers in the Jacksonville area that would be interested in photographing our house?  My photography skills definitely are not up to par, and I would love to have beautiful images to share with you (and for us to keep) of our first home. 

Our house is 2 bed/ 2 bath, 1831 sqft, completely renovated, walking distance to the square and metro diner, and in my opinion on the BEST block in the neighborhood.  (We really do have the best neighbors and we are so sad to leave them.)  It will officially go up for sale in mid March, but if you know of anyone looking to move the the San Marco area go ahead and send them our way.  They can contact me julianne (at) juliannekelly (dot) com. 

I hope you will follow along as we build our new home.  Construction will begin after we sell our house, so for now expect lots of inspiration pictures.  we are going for a coastal style, which is my absolute FAVORITE and luckily it is Michael's favorite too.  I have a feeling the need vs. want conversation, and the word budget will be a part of our daily conversations for the next few months. :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Congratulations Julianne! I'm so excited for yall.... I know yall have been working on this for quite some time!