Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Happy Friday Ya'll! 

So, everyone knows how much I love to bring life into old furniture by giving it a coat of paint.  Today I wanted to share with you a few pieces of furniture and accessories I have been working on.  If you follow me on Instagram you have seen bits and pieces of these. 

It all started several weeks ago when I purchased some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (ASCP).  Lets just say it is my new best friend.  I absolutely hate the sanding and priming process, because it takes days, and projects just seem to go on forever.  ASCP is a complete game changer, because there is no sanding or priming (can I get a hallelujah?)  The flip side is that the paint is not cheap; it is $34.50 a quart.  In my opinion time in money, so the time saved by not having to sand or prime is well worth the price.  Not to mention the paint is full of depth.  ASCP distresses beautifully and then you finish each piece with a coat of clear or dark wax.  The wax will deepen the color a bit and cure the paint. 
Enough about the paint and on to the furniture...

I was given this mirror, and it actually had smaller mirrors attached to the sides that I removed.


{ASCP Duck Egg with Clear Wax}
{ASCP Duck Egg with Clear Wax}
{ASCP Duck Egg with Clear Wax}
I am selling the mirror for $150, so if you are in the Jacksonville area and are interested email me at juliannecarrierkelly@gmail.com

The other project I have been working on is a solid Pecan wood table and set of 6 cane back chairs.  The table still needs a coat of wax and the chairs need to be upholstered, but here they are during their face lift...


{ASCP color Old White}

{ASCP color Old White with distressing}

In this picture the table is still wet, so you cannot really see the color well.  It is a warm grey with streaking through it.  I distressed the edges and it will be getting a coat or two of wax this weekend.
{ASCP color: mixed Old White and French Linen}

I will also be selling the table and all 6 chairs once they are completed.  I am torn on what fabric to use on the chairs, because I would love to use something more modern like the ikat below, but I am tempted to go safe and neutral for resale purposes.  What are your thoughts? 

If you are looking for a table and chairs and would like me to custom upholster this set to match your home email me at juliannecarrierkelly@gmail.com.  I will be selling the completed table and 6 chairs for $900. (Price is dependent upon what fabric you choose)

Well that was a little long, but hopefully you stuck around! Have a great weekend! 

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  1. JuliAnne, all of these pieces are amazing! I'm going to hire you to decorate my house in 5 years ;) Also, I love the ikat fabric!!